Somaliland Executes six convicted of murders



Somaliland government on Wednesday executed six people by firing squad after being convicted of murdering other people.

According to a statement issued by the office of the persecutor general has stated the executed people and the crimes that they were convicted of.

In accordance with the order from the high court in Somaliland that the government of Somaliland has carried out execution to the following criminals for the crimes that they convicted of at around 7:45 am

  1. Ahmed Ibrahim Farah was executed after he intentionally murdered former Somaliland police officer Mohamed Ali Suleiman.
  2. Hassan Mohumed Osman was also executed after he killed Mr. Ismail Farah Mohamed
  3. Khadar Aleel Hirsi has been executed for the manslaughter of Siyad Abdi Mohumed
  4. Farhan Mohamed Hassan was executed for the murder of Ibrahim Ahmed Muse
  5. Aidarus Khadar Haybe was executed by firing squad after he murdered intentionally Idiris Da’ud Jama
  6. Abdilahi Ismail Hayd was executed after he committed the manslaughter of Mr. Garaad Adam Mohamed

According to witnesses the six were tied to poles outside a notorious Mandera military prison before masked soldiers randomly shot them to death.

It’s the third time the northern Somalia enclave carried out executions.

Somaliland  earlier executions had drawn condemnations by the international community.

The European Union warned that the summary executions in the region serve as a setback in the progress made in spreading the rule of law in Somaliland.


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