Somaliland: Court, “Dhakool Arrest Illegal”, Immunity Issue & Case Won’t Be Heard



Justice Abdi Qaw’dhan, Chair of the Marodi Jeh Regional Court has this morning ruled that the arrest of Representative Dhakool as illegal and the case will not be heard until the Somaliland House of Representatives has investigated the matter and delivered it’s decision as to whether the accused member has parliamentary immunity or whether that immunity will be or has been withdrawn by parliament.

The accused has been returned to the CID Division where he has been held since his arrest.

Representative Dhakool was taken from his residences by Somaliland Police Officers and accused of stating that the anniversary of the 18th of May is “celebrated and belongs to the Isaaq community and the Somali National Movement”.

Representative Dhakool has denied that all the Somaliland communities were represented at the historic meeting in Burao in 1991, where the decision was made to restore Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Representative Dhakool is on record as previously stating that the 18th of May anniversary is a national one and belongs to all Somalilanders.

It is not clear whether the administration of President Muse Bihi Abdi will appeal the regional court’s decision or whether the toothless and moribund Somaliland House of Representatives will take up the matter.



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