Somalia’s Army & AU Peacekeepers lock horns over military operations



A wrangle between Somalia’s army and African Union Peacekeepers has deteriorated over the past couple of weeks, raising concerns that it could jeopardize the cooperation on the military operations aimed at flushing out A Shabab from Somalia. The squabble came after the Somali army Gen. Odawa Yusuf Rage sent a letter to Amisom Commanders in the country, rebuking them after Amisom dragged its feet in actively engaging in the military operations aimed at dislodging the militants from key strongholds and accused them of being inactive and uncommitted against the ongoing operations against the fight of Al Shabab. Once the tensions intensify, Amisom forces have not participated in the military operations conducted by the Somali army in the Middle Shabelle region ended in failure and led to the death and injuries of key figures in the Somali army. Somalia’s army and Amisom have not so far commented on the report. The African Union report angered the government of Somalia led by acting president Mohmed Abdullahi Farmajo. The AU put the blame on the shoulders of the Somali administration’s incompetence to stick to the constitution and implement previous accords for the yet untackled insecurity and Al Shabab’s continued raids happening across the warn torn country of Somalia. The Federal Government of Somalia rejected the accusations from the AU.


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