Prominent Doctor Gives up his Medical Profession & politics



Somaliland prominent doctor and a politician has retired from medical profession as well as politics.

Dr. Mohmed Abdi Gabose has made the remarks in a press briefing on Sunday.

The doctor has said that he will consider charity activities, and worshipping dates.

Dr. Gabose has further revealed that what compelled him to quit his medical profession is that due to old age which rendered him incapacitated in order to perform in the medical profession.

He added that the country needs a fresh blood which will be able to implement the country’s future dreams.

Gabose said: ” I have finally decided that from now on, I will consider human charity activities, awareness of my children and worshipping dates while I am retiring from the medical profession.”

Gabose has been a medical practitioner for over 40 years and has become one of the most popular doctors in the region.

He served as interior minister to previous administrations in Somaliland.



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