President Mulatu Receives Human Rights Activist Tamagn Beyene


Addis Ababa September 03/2018 President Mulatu Teshome receives Ethiopian human rights activist Tamagn Beyene, who have been in exile for 22 years, at the National Palace today.

The President conferred with Tamagn on the ongoing political reforms in Ethiopia and on how to take part in supporting government’s endeavors to sustain peace and development in the country.

During the discussion, President Mulatu said the government is committed to support Tamagn’s constructive move towards upholding the reform.

Likewise, Tamagn has held discussion with Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonen on wide range of national issues and the current reforms in Ethiopia last Saturday.

Tamagn Beyene has commended the ongoing reforms that have been widening the political space for people with different ideological perspectives.

On the other hand, he condemned the mob justice on suspected criminals, noting that mob justice has to stop and freedom doesn’t mean anarchism.

Any criminal should be penalized by officially authorized entities that are legally established in the countries, he underscored.

Tamagn pledged to mobilize the Diaspora communities to participate in the sweeping reform and to invest their knowledge and capital for the development of the nation.

Tamagn Beyene returned home last Saturday following the call by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his recent tour to the U.S.



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