Our Council Elders and Mr. Dahir Riyale




Although I currently live in the United States of America, I call the Somaliland business center, the agricultural city of Tog Wajale my home. I am not a politician and do not want to be labeled as such. I want to write this article because of my love for my people and my country, and express my support for them. First of all, I want to say congratulate our former great president Mr. Dahir Riyale and all our council elders. I watched and listened to his historical speech yesterday with the council of Adalian elders. To Mr. Riyal I say, this is the right time and right people. You did a tremendous job as always. Mr. Riyale demonstrates strong leadership skills and understands the importance of moving as one. This is a huge step for our nation because, for us to move forward, we have to reunite the Adalian council of Elders. This a win for Adalian and the Somaliland people as a whole, because unity is key to solving all problems.

It is clear everyone, the Adalians are civilized people with great pride because of we can live together in a peaceful, harmonious and happy environment with respect for each other in the Adalian and Somaliland societies. With Mr. Dahir leading our way with his enormous experience with his people, there is no doubt we will reach our socio-economic goals.

As I previously mentioned, Adalian people have a huge civilized and respectable community. One of Somaliland’s ministries of water development chair of delegates, Mr. Kure, was appointed by our horn president Mr. Muse Bihi and spoke on his approach to solve the problems in the Sayla area. However, after I listened to his speech, I have to say I completely disagree with him. His approach is unprofessional and his political language is ignorant, I believe his points are biased and he is not qualified to make any decisions because he has a lack of knowledge on this topic. Awdal and Salal are lands of peace and the people from all these regions are well civilized and full of knowledge. They understand the rules and regulations of their government and have always shown respect for our government rules.

I strongly recommend our horn president; Mr. Muse obtains a good set of delegates to represent their people. They must be well qualified, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They must be prepared to bring the Adalian culture forward to solve issues.

In conclusion, Adalian people are well civilized with plenty of knowledge. We are from the land of Adal, which is known for its peace, knowledge, development, and are highly respected. Our goal will always be to build for our future, a land-based on peace and innovation. This is a new chapter for our honorable former president, Mr. Riyale. He is a hard-worker and a great leader with plenty of experience. All Adalian should take this fabulous opportunity to build towards unity and greatness.



Thank you

Ali A. Hori, M.Ed. and economist,

San Diego, Ca.


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