NEC Starts to release Provisional Results of 5 electoral districts


Somaliland Election Commission has officially released the provisional results of the five electoral districts in the country. These preliminary results indicate the percentage seats of each political party secured from the district. The first five electoral districts include Lughaya, Sayla, Huddun, Sallahley and Gar-adag. According to the electoral commission in Lughaya, the ruling party (Kulmiye) gained five (5) seats. The main opposition party (Waddani) gained two (2) seats while the Ucid party managed 2 seats. In Saylac, which is the western part of Somaliland, the Kulmiye party managed four (4) seats, the Waddani party got four (4) seats and the Ucid party 3 seats. In Gar-Adag, Kulmiye got 4, Waddani 3, While UCID captured 2. Meanwhile in Huddun, kulmiye has 7, Waddani 2 and UCID 0 In Sallahley, Kulmiye : 4 seat, Waddani : 4 seats and UCID : 3 seats The counting of ballots is still underway although the majority of them have been finalized. Other provisional results from the different electoral districts in the country are also expected to come out within the next few hours.


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