Man-hunt operations underway in state of emergency imposed townships in Somaliland



The chief of Somaliland’s national army accompanied by the police commissioner asserted that the armed forces in compliance with state of emergency imposed in Erigavo, Eil Afwein and Garadag that they will put the law into operational. The Chiefs of the defense and police force made the announcement in a press conference held in Hargeisa today. The two chiefs said that armed forces launched man hunt operation which is aimed at apprehending the assailants that killed the two police officers. They said that the administrative power and security taken over by the armed forces from the day that president Bihi announced the state of emergency law. From now on, the armed forces have the overall authority to conduct operations and stop the movement of traffic for vetting at any time. The armed forces have been authorized and have the jurisdiction to conduct operations aimed at beefing up security and those who obstruct will face its consequences according to the army chiefs. There is a thorough investigation that the defense forces are currently carrying out in major townships were the state of emergency have been imposed said Mr. Tani. Mr. Nuh Tani, army chief went on to say that probe is intended to know how it was plotted and the way it was carried out. The chiefs urged residents in the townships were the state of emergency being imposed is to cooperate with security forces which are adamant to maintain law and order. The president of Somaliland yesterday made the announcement in regard to the state of emergency which was imposed in Erigavo, Eil Afwein and Garadag after the brutal killing of two innocent police commanders who were on duty and were gunned down in line of duty.




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