Irregular Migration  Workshop held in Somaliland



The international Organisation of Migration (IOM) has organised a workshop for discussing the irregular migration  and the problems attached to it. This meeting was attended by the ministries of Youth & sports, Employment, Planning, international organisations based in Somailand, local organisations and Oxam that manages the program funding.

In the first place the head of IOM in Somaliland Madam Ifrah Abbaas,  welcomed the participants for attending the worthwhile meeting for debating the irregular migrations. She added that this meeting is so important for any body who is travelling without regular travel papers/documents. Having in mind that situation, she mentioned that IOM designs and implements programs funded by the European Union that always focus on repatriation of the youth with irregular migrations to their original countries. Therefore IOM prioritize the safety of the irregular migrants that are globally  travelling and crossing between different countries. Ms Abbas finanly thanked for those agencies, organisations and actors that support this program.

On the other hand Mrs Jari from the department of Human Rights has also addressed the participants and thanked the officials from IOM and participants. Jari has explained in detail how IOM plays a key role for supporting the irregular migrants. IOM assess the factors that are pushing an immigrant to move from his/her original country, despite the fact it is a crime to enter a country illegally, but IOM also considers the humanitarian aspect of the cases of irregular migrants.

The issue of irregular migration is not sighting that affect Somaliland only, but it cross-cuts many countrified in Africa and the middle east. Therefore the department of human rights of IOM gives special emphasis on the awareness of the target migration, especially youth, on the danger of irregular migration,

Mr. Saeed Jama from IOM (Head of migration and human development) has also addressed the participants. Mr jama mentioned that it is important for the people to understand the objectives of this meriting. He emphasized the need that participants must examine ways of reducing the incidence of irregular migration, and share ways of analyzing consequences and effects of migration laws and policies, and the impacts of irregular migration in countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as ways of addressing the consequences. Mr jama encouraged the government of Somaliland to explain the youth the dangers of irregular migrations

On the other hand an official from OXFAM Mrs Muna has also explained the significance of the project. She mentioned that Oxfam provides support to the university graduates including providing various vocational tailored training and skills to prepare them to get employed in the local markets.  The deputy manager of planning from the ministry of youth and sports has emphasized also the importance of the program and hoped that the key messages that are valuable for national youth programming will be achieved.


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