Hargeisa City Hall splits Koodbur district and establishes new borough


The Mayor of Hargeisa H.E Abdikarim Ahmed Moge has announced the creation of a new district in Hargeisa.

The Mayor revealed this during a Council meeting held at his chambers. A technical committee was appointed by Mayor Abdikarim to demarcate the boundaries of the two districts.

The committee will also give a name to the new district. Addressing councillors during the 4th sitting of Hargeisa City Council Cllr. Mayor Abdikarim had this to say; “In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful today we are concluding our 4th assembly session, which commenced on 21st February 2022 and ends today 8th
March 2022. In the duration of council, assembly councillors exchanged
information and financial reconciliation of 2021.”

The Mayor informed the councillors’ debate pertaining to debacles of buildings and structures built without the authorization of the Council. Also in the meeting agenda was scrutiny of the taxes and levies charged by the councils. Mayor Abdikarim confirmed changes were made on taxation and revenues by-laws.

He went further to state that the Council assembly agreed to the splitting of Ibrahim Koodbuur District into two boroughs. The Mayor selected a technical committee to initiate borders of the two districts and name the new borough.


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