Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale’s Travel to Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan



Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale will travel to Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan from August 5-7, 2019.  His trip will advance America’s commitment to peace and security in the Horn of Africa and commercial interests in the region.

Under Secretary Hale visited Mogadishu on August 5 and met with senior officials from the Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations to discuss the political, security, and economic reform agenda.

On August 6, Under Secretary Hale will pay tribute to the victims of the August 7, 1998, embassy bombings in a commemoration ceremony in Nairobi.  He will also meet with senior government officials to further promote our bilateral relationship in the areas of economic and security cooperation.

He will be in Khartoum on August 7 to meet with representatives from the Transitional Military Council and Forces for Freedom and Change, along with civil society actors, including women and youth, who were in the forefront demanding change in Sudan.  He will encourage full and timely implementation of the agreements reached on July 17, and August 4, to create a civilian-led transitional government, and underscore our expectation that the transitional government will reflect the will of the Sudanese people.



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