Treasury appraises proficiency for staffers in data collection and research


A two-day workshop on use of modern technology for data collection and research for treasury’s IT and private enterprises departments’ staffers conducted over the week.

The director general of the ministry Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka) noted the importance of using modern technology, as well as how to always adapt to it, “as there is progress and change in technology every day”.

He said, “Nowadays, technology is what works. Technology is growing and changing every day. Every day the technology is evolving, and in the process, the old one is being replaced”.

He continued, “Technology makes work easier. So we have to adapt the technology to its use, and we follow it, depending on the level it is going through, and that comes with continuous knowledge increase for the workers”.

He encouraged the staff to take advantage of the training saying, “I encourage you to take advantage of the training, and other more advanced ones”.

He however pointed out that the collection of information should start from the sources, and the right information should be used to achieve the expected appropriate plans.


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