The National Armed Forces triumphs in successive battles, explains military spokesperson


The spokesman of the National Army, Brigadier General Abdi Abdillahi Hassan aka Abdi-deere said that the National Army has triumphantly repulsed offense by the insurgent allied forces of Puntland, Al-Shabaab and wayward militias on Tuesday whereby catchments of arsenals were nabbed.

Brig Gen Abdi-deere who held a press conference Wednesday gave details of the Tuesday battle in which the Puntland forces, the terrorist groups, and the misled tribal militia offensive were substantially repulsed and prisoners of war and arsenal armaments were captured.

“Today is the 1st of March, we are in the command of the Eastern area of Goja-ade, I am giving details of a battle that took place yesterday, February 28, 2023 between the National Army and the groups we fought against, including Puntland, Al Shabaab and militias. They have misled members of the Las Anod community,” said the spokesman

He said that there was a tough fight that lasted for many hours. “The National Army was successful in the battles for they captured two armored “technical” vehicles, two vehicles mounted with a DshK (Dushka)  and a Sikawi gunner respectively. We also captured heavy BKM machine guns too”, said the general.

He continued, “The National Army has never attacked its foes but have always been in the defensive constantly repulsing the attacks”.

The military spokesman added that on February 27, 2023, the allied forces similarly attacked the National Army, but they were heavily defeated, and they fled dumping their weapons which were also captured.

“I think that the defeat these groups face every day will be a new experience and a lesson for them”, said the spokesman of the National Army.

While addressing the people of Somaliland who love their army and always stand by it, he urged them to be steadfast in their trust for the nation and its security apparatus.

“I tell the people of Somaliland who love their army and always stand by their side to trust the National Army, and they are tougher than their enemies for they are sufficient to defend the sovereignty of the people and the country of Somaliland”, he stated.

He also sent a call to the people of Lasaanod and said, “To the community of Lasaanod, I am reminding you that the National Army and you have lived together in peaceful harmony before; you have now been misled, and the path of peace has been diverted from you, please be informed that we are at peace with the populace but note that the military will defend itself if and whenever attacked”.


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