Somaliland Launches Civil Society Organization Development Project


An event was held on Monday in the city of Hargeisa to launch a project to improve civil society organizations with an emphasis on imparting knowledge and staff working in civil society organizations and the development of policies that will lead to the survival of civil society organizations.

This project is intended to last for a period of three years starting from January of this year until December of 2025, and this project will be jointly implemented by SONSAF, SNDF, and SONYO. It is worth noting that programme is funded by European Union and that grants would be channeled through the umbrella organizations implementing the project.

The chair of Sonsaf, Anwar Abdirahman Warsame, explained that SONSAF, SONYO and SNDF jointly launched a new project funded by the European Union and noted that it was intended to promote and enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to effectively participate and work with relevant government agencies in discussing, modifying and creating policies and projects that affect the most vulnerable people such as the disabled, the marginalized, the youth and women.


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