The Fraudulent agreement which used to transfer Somali Region districts to Afar State




Below is the signatory section of the so-called agreement which TPLF coerced Abdi Iley to transfer Cadaytu, Candhufto & Garba-Ciise to Afar State.

As can be seen, this guerrilla type agreement has no formal legal basis; it’s so ramshackle and pedestrian to merit any binding legal ramifications.

In fact, some of the signatories later recanted by claiming they were forced to sign it under duress.

This fraudulent agreement never took into account the wishes of the concerned people in the 3 Kebbeles. There was no formal legal procedure that was followed. No votes, referendum or plebiscites. Neither was community approval or elders council sought after.

The Kebbeles were simply transfered – just like that!

Worse, Afar state didn’t fulfill the terms of that very guerrilla agreement they signed with Abdi Iley and his TPLF handlers. No schools, hospitals or roads were built. No formal presence of Afar state structure was ever established. They simply deployed their security forces and started harassing the people in the hope they will flee on their own. In other words, they wanted the land and not the people.

When the new administration came into power in Somali region, several attempts were made to address the plight of Somalis in these Kebbeles through negotiations with Afar State. Afar officials made promises but never kept them. In the end, when the locals protested against these injustices, Afar security forces resorted to direct attacks against innocent civilians and abducted NGO workers and youth activists.

Finally, they invited contrabandists to operate in their territory to wage a proxy war on Somali region.

In short, Afar State wants to have the cake and eat it at the same time! This is not how to treat a brotherly neighbor that shares a lot with you.


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