Technical Advice to Mayor Moge To Find $1 B To Construct 500 KMs Advanced Road Network



I am hereby dispatching my honest technical advice on mobilising resources to carry out the heavy-duty waiting you ahead as the people in Hargeisa has strong expectation on building advanced 500KMs road network designed with green scenery with pedestrian lines, cycling paths and functioning traffic lights. The available resources could not cover the needs, therefore you need to find international and local sources of funding. This letter provides the following technical advice:

  1. Establish Hargeisa Road-network Master Plan: Establishment of 500 KMs road-network master plan – with preliminary designs and engineering estimates of bridges, drainage systems, roads construction and traffic lights – would facilitate attracting funds from international sources. The Hargeisa road-network master plan will be a funding-raising tool depicting the view of Hargeisa roads and thereby many of the international potential funders can easily pledge funds to implement it. The master plan will act as a road development proposal presenting a clear map of roads to be constructed and it would create trust and partnership with foreign and local actors.  
  2. Potential sources of funding for the implementation of the road-network master plan are listed in the table below:
Bilateral Agencies and Foundations  European Union, USAID, DfID, King Salman Foundation, Danish International development Assistance (DANIDA), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Swiss International Development Agency, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Norway, NORAD, Japanese International Development (JICA), Turkish International Development (THIKA), Al Khalifa Foundation, Qatar Foundation, Kuwait Fund, Abu Dhabi Fund, BMZ Germany,  Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Embassies Taiwan, UAE, US, UK, EU, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,  Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Swiss, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, Korea. Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand & Spain
Development Banks World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), Islamic Development Bank, European Investment Bank, German Development Bank (KFW)
UN Organisations UN-Habitat, UNDP, UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), UNJPLG, UNICEF, UNHCR, ILO, WFP, FAO, IoM


  1. Hargeisa Infrastructure Development Plan (HIDP 1): Establish a detailed plan of the infrastructure buildings you envisaged to develop in Hargeisa. The HIDP 1 may include the designs, architectural drawings and cost estimates of a huge number of public infrastructure facilities including offices, theatres, public gardens, football and athletic fields, schools, health centres, youth centres, libraries, museums, community centres, market centres, modern slaughterhouses and abattoir, bus stations and so many others. 
  2. Reform of Hargeisa Municipality Departments: Establish the following departments;
Department Name  Departmental Features  
Hargeisa Capital Greening Department This department should have a number of planting experts, facilities, nursery fields, watering, seedling, necessary facilities and accessories in order to be capable of planting millions of trees.
Engineering, Designing and Quality Assurance Department This department will be responsible for master planning, designing, quality monitoring and engineering quantifying of construction projects.
Road Construction Department This department shall work as the road development agency and it will be responsible for the construction of the designs developed by the above department. This department must have all construction machinery, facilities and engineers, technicians and must be capable to construct roads, bridges, culverts, traffic lights and other designs simultaneously.


  1. Establish Local Fundraising Committee: The local fundraising committee including the most respected figures and elites in Hargeisa such as Adan Siro, Sheikh Dirir, Adna Aden, Khadar Ambassador, Dahabshil, Adan Baradho, Bahsane, Warancade, and so on would help you to find local contributions for the implementation of 500KMs road-network master plan and development of other infrastructure required.

Mohamed Farah Abdi
Hargeisa, Somaliland
Development Expert ,
Mob/WhatsApp: +252634422847/+252634471307


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