State, UNHCR to form joint task force to address refugee issue



The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abid received at the presidency the UNHCR Special Envoy to the horn of Africa Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Affey who was accompanied by a several UNHCR officials including its representative to Somalia Magatte Guisse.

The delegation pondered with their host nation on issues pertaining to the plight of refugees, which the state confirmed as being about 14 thousand, according to a presidential press release on Thursday.

The 14 thousand refugees are said to hail not only from the Horn of Africa region but also from beyond and overseas.

They generally shed light on ways and means both sides would bolster the working relationships.

On focus was how the UNHCR may acknowledge the issue and delve into both short and long term refugees’ plight as concern shelters and associated camps in as much as the government has identified the bonifide refugee status of the said people.

They noted the idea of setting up a joint committee or a task force that would embark on the matter.

The President was flanked by his deputy VP Abdirahman, FM Hon.Dr Issa Keid, National Displacement and Refugee Agency Chairman Abdikarin A. Mohamed (Hinif) and Somaliland’s special envoy to the UN Dr. Mohamed Warsame Dualeh.


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