Somaliland: VP officially opens Cheetah conservation facility


The New Cheetah Conservation center officially opened today in Hargeisa.

The facility was opened by Vice President of the republic of Somaliland H.E Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail alias Sayli’i on Sunday.

The ministry of environment an rural development has organized the unveiling ceremony which saw the attendance of some members of the cabinet, director generals and other guests.

The VP has reiterated that the conservation center will be used to provide welfare to cheetahs as the wildlife have seen a sharp rise in its attempts of smuggling to the overseas.

Mr. Sayli’i has announced that the government has done its utmost to put an end to the illegal poaching of Somaliland wildlife.

The VP thanked the armed forces and the ministry of environment for their gallant efforts to protect the cheetahs which have huge advantage for the country and is among Somaliland’s most endangered species in the country.


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