Somaliland: Transport Ministry Unveil the Arrival of Vehicle Failure Diagnosis Instrument



The ministry of transport and road development on Saturday unveiled car failure diagnosis instrument. The director in charge of transport department, Hon. Muse Yusuf Ibrahim, made an opening remarks at the launching ceremony. He reiterated that faulty vehicles were taken to mechanics for fixing them but now with the new equipment available, it will be easy to find out the failure of government vehicles. The director general of the tender board, Mr. Jamarti Ahmed Hasan, has also said that every brand new car belonging to the gov will be sent to the ministry of transport for ensuring the vehicles are free from faults.

He stated that this is the first time that the ministry succeeded in bringing the equipment. Mr. Jamarti further disclosed that each and every new car that the gov buys will be sent for diagnosis to the transport ministry. The DG at the ministry of transport, Mr. Omar Abdilahi Adan has expressed his upbeat with regard to the arrival of the car failure diagnosis equipment. He asserted that the instrument is to find the exact faulty of  car and we must exploit it.


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