Somaliland: The Gov must implement peace accord with Khatumo, Urges Wadani Chair



Hargeisa–Wadani party chair, Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi aka Irro has sent a letter addressed to Somaliland Head of State, H.E Musa Bihi Abdi, calling on the incumbent leader to implement the peace accord signed by the former president Silanyo with Khatumo leader, Ali Khalif Galeyr.

Wadani chair has said with loud and clear voice that the current Somaliland government led by Kulmiye ruling party  must uphold the peace agreement that Silanyo administration inked with Ali Khalif, Khatumo’s leader in October, 2017. Mr. Irro reiterated that the unity of the populace and the people must be a priority number one. Ex-Somaliland President, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo signed a peace accord with Khatumo, which was mean to address the concerns raised by the residents in the eastern region of Somaliland. The current Khatumo leader, Ali Khalid Galeyr repeated on numerous occasions that  the incumbent president is dragging his feet to implement the peace agreement. The peace accord was meant that residents from Sool, Sanaag and Ayn region to have equal representation in the government and on several times called on the amendment of the constitution for review. Hon. Ali Khalif called on Somaliland President to honor the commitments made by his predecessor but it seems that all his wake up calls have fallen into the deaf ears. It is not year clear why Wadani chair has made the statement calling on the gov to abide by the peace initiative hammered between Somaliland gov and Khatumo group.



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