Somaliland receives soldiers defect from Puntland


YEYLE( SomalilandStandard)— Senior officers of Somaliland’s defense forces stationed in the front lines have welcomed troops have defected from Puntland and handed over heavy weapons including battle wagons, shoulder-type rocket launcher, bazookas to Somaliland officers at Yeyle today.

Sool commissioner and the police chief were part of the team that have received the defected troops.

The Soldiers were recently integrated into Puntland’s army.

Officers who spoke on behalf of defected soldiers said that they have led astray in the first place but have realized that they have touched the reality on the ground and decided to return to their homeland.

The soldiers are said to hail from districts in Sool region.

Sool’s Commissioner, Hon. Abdirashid Husein Abdule alias Gargaar has called on the soldiers who hail from the region and who still remain in Puntland to return back home.





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