Somaliland president, opposition leaders cast votes


The President together with chairmen of ruling Kulmiye party arrived at voting station, as the first citizen filled the requirement of the registration, taken the ballot paper to cast into the ballot in the two boxes for house of representative and local government elections.

The president described the election as peaceful, told the people to vote devoid of any form of rancor, saying that SL must set a precedence to the world. He said: ” As the electoral commission chairperson told us, the election started peacefully across the country on Monday. My message to the public is to that they should cast their votes peacefully. These are two important and combined elections for local government and the parliament. The world is watching us.”

The chairman of Wadani party Abdirahman Irro flanked by his wife have voted in the office of government civil service in Hargeisa, advising SL to vote with calm.

He said: ” It is the first time we have held combined elections together. The major thing is that it started peacefully and we hope that every citizen will exercise his constitutional rights and cast votes for their candidates for parliament and local council. The people have been waiting the parliament to change for 15 years and the local government for 8 years. so this is extremely important for SL.”

The chairman of Justice & welfare party (UCID), Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, has cast his vote at a polling station where he registered. He urged voters to strengthen peace and security while exercising their franchise.


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