Somaliland: President Bihi Sacks DG, commissioner, appoints Chief of Coastal Guards and adviser


Ms. Farrah Mohamud

Staff Writer

31st of July, 2018


HARGEISA– Somaliland’s President, Musa Bihi Abdi on Tuesday fired the Director General of the ministry of Information & National Guidance, Hon. Ali Aliyow and Sool’s regional governor, Hon. Abdi Khaire Dirir.

Hon. Muse Bihi’s directive was announced on presidential decree JSL/XM/WM/222-172/072018, issued from office of the presidency. Dr. Osman Husein Warsame Abdi was named in the presidential decree to replace the sacked Director General to the Information Ministry while Mr. Abdirashid Husein Abdile Gargar was appointed to replace the sacked former Sool governor.

The president has named Admiral Mohamed Husein Farah (Hiirane) as the Chief of Somaliland’s Coastal Guards with immediate effect. Hon. Mustafe Godane Ali Bile is appointed as the Director General to the ministry of trade, industry and tourism. Ms. Amal Abdi Hasan was appointed as the deputy director of the quality control agency. Admiral Abdi Hirsi Duale has been nominated as the presidential adviser on management and sea security affairs.

Reports coming from the ministry of information confirmed that the minister has relieved all the duties of director general, Ali Aliyow who was sacked in a presidential decree today. The reason for the suspension and sacking of the information ministry DG was not cited neither the information minister nor the press statement from office of the president.




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