Somaliland Parliament passes seven members of Human Rights Commission.


By: Ms. Farrah Mohumed

Staff writer

Hargeisa–Somaliland MPs’ yesterday voted in favor of passing overwhelmingly the seven members of Human Rights Commission that the president of Somaliland His Excellency Musa Bihi appointed through a presidential decree and submitted recently to the House of representative for approval.

The session in Somaliland parliament was chaired by the deputy speaker of the parliament Mr.Ahmed Yasin Ali Ayanle.

Forty eight Members of the Parliament were in attendance out of the 82 on Monday’s parliamentary session.

  1. Hon. Mohamed Barud Ali got 46 votes and one MP abstained.
  2. Ms. Roda Ahmed yasin got 47 votes and the chairman did not vote.
  3. Mr. Muse Osman Warsame got 48  votes
  4. Mr. Sulieman Warsame Gulied got 48 votes
  5. Ms. Waris Abshir Dirie got 48 votes
  6. Mr. Omar Mohamud Husen also received 48 votes and was approved by the parliament.
  7. Forty Seven Members of the parliament voted in favor of Hon. Abdirashid Said Indi to be come a member of Human Rights Commission in Somaliland.

The members of Somaliland National Human Rights commission which the parliament passed are as follows:-


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