Somaliland: Opposition demands the government to prove accusations against the press



HARGEISA–Somaliland opposition party Wadani said the government is trying to intimidate the press, accusing them of working for the government of Somalia.

The deputy chairman of the party said the government would have persecuted the alleged journalists if the accusation is truthful.

This comes a day after Somaliland minister of interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed said 30 journalists in Somaliland receive funds from the government of Somalia in Mogadishu.

The information minister was not forthcoming in his disclosure telling the funds come directly from the office of the deputy PM of Somalia Khadar Mahdi Gulied.

The deputy chairman of Wadani party, Sulieman Du’ale Jama has said those allegations undermine SL sovereignty and the reputation of the press in the country.

He stated that the government should have dealt with the issue through the judicial system before making such accusations public.

However, Sulieman Du’ale leaned the side that the minister made up those allegations just to intimidate the journalists.

The opposition official demanded the government to prove the allegations against the press otherwise he called upon the minister to tender resignation.


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