Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Minerals holds One day Minerals Coordination Meeting


Hon Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal, the Minister of Energy and Minerals on Wednesday chaired a one-day Minerals Coordination meeting which brought together government officials, mineral prospectors, dealers, and other stakeholders.

Hon Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal speaking during the meeting said, “The conference aims to expedite the development and coordination of and priority needs mineral sector and also to discuss other key issues of the mining sector like the national mineral rules.

He added, “The meetings also provide a mechanism for participants to discuss and develop a common understanding of the priority needs and on key capacity-building issues such as training which the Ministry of Energy and Minerals will be organizing for small scale miners. We ready to hook-up you with international investors who are willing to invest in the country mineral sector.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals further said that the Ministry will in the near future organize an exhibition to showcase Somaliland mineral potential.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the director-general in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral speaking during the meeting said, “Our first priority is to interact and share information and experiences and facilitate the exchange of views and ideas aimed at improving the Somaliland mineral sector.

The DG added that this meeting also provides an opportunity to review and consider ways of addressing the gaps or overlaps between existing in the ongoing and future minerals related activities e.g. obtaining proper mining and export licenses for minerals.


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