Somaliland: House of Reps Passes amendment to telecommunication Law



Somaliland parliament on Sunday abolished monopoly in the telecommunication sector.

The House of Reps passed amendments to the telecommunication law to remove the monopoly over the Fiber Optic Cables sector.

The House approved the amendment in today’s session proposed by 75 out of the 83 members of the house.

The MP’s pushing for the motion argued that the law contradicts the constitution in the sense of enfranchising on the free enterprise.

They alleged that the law contains internal inconsistencies that needed to be addressed.

Bashe Mohamed Farah, the Speaker of the House of Reps, announced his acceptance of the motion to amend the law and put it to a vote.

68 MP’s have voted in favor of of the motion. Only one representative abstained while another member voted against it.

It was passed with an overwhelming majority.

Telesom group, the leading telecommunication company in the country is said to benefit from most of the amendments, because of the previous law, the company was denied to land internet Fiber Optic Cables in Berbera.

Telesom immediately welcomed the amendment approved by the House of Reps.

The company said this was a step towards economic development and technological advancement.

Somaliland parliament passed a law which granted Somcable the monopoly for 25 years to bring internet optic cable to the country in 2011.

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