Somaliland Hotels Take a Hit during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak


The brunt of the coronavirus pandemic has caught up with Somaliland hoteliers with some reporting up to 70 percent reduction in the number of customers.

Popular eateries say the confirmation of the pandemic’s first two cases in Somaliland and travel restrictions has wiped out a huge number of their customer numbers over the fear of spreading the virus.

A spot check by CBA TV further revealed that most restaurants were either empty or had a handful of clients.

A hospitality consultant , Mohammed Warsame says the hotels are worried of looming losses, confusion and challenges with the supply chain and employee crisis amid the panic caused by the novel virus.

Mohammed further says the hospitality industry has been hit hard.

Experts now say if the trend persist, the hospitality industry in Somaliland would suffer losses of up to 60 percent, which would affect how the business operates.

It is not know how many people have been affected by the pandemic in Somaliland’s hospitality Industry because their is no formal association of hotelliers and other service providers in the hospitality industry.

However, an employee who has recently been dismissed from work, while speaking on a condition of anonymity confined to CBA that the industry has been hit hard.

Vacant rooms and visitor cancellations have forced many hotels to close their doors, leading to staff layoffs.

Warsame who has been working in the industry for decades says the crisis was unprecedented but there exists a responsibility on hoteliers to provide alternative solutions to the problem, to save hundreds who financially depend on those working in the hospitality industry.

Globally, the hotel industry is among the most affected sectors by the novel virus alongside travel, tourism, aviation and cruises sectors which are expecting double-digit losses.


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