Somalia’s PM Dismisses members of Dispute Resolution Committee amidst election fraud


Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has fired seven members including the chairman of the Dispute Resolution Committee shortly after the committee rejected allegations of bias in handling electoral disputes before them. Hussein Mohamed Mohamud and a team of six members were dismissed from the committee following a meeting between PM Roble, the opposition group, CPC and Federal Member State presidents.

The PM immediately replaced the sacked members. It emerged from the Friday night meeting that the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) demanded the dissolution of the committee amid criticism of its latest verdict concerning the election of the intelligence boss Yasin Farey.

The sacking of the seven members comes shortly after they issued a statement rejecting allegations of favoritism.

“We are making it clear that we do not have a group, we do not serve a specific system, we do not serve a specific group. We serve to sort out the lawmakers or candidates who are dissatisfied with the election results, “the Dispute Resolution Committee said.

The Committee has since ruled in favor of Farey and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled.

The members sacked are:

1.    Hussein Laki Mohamud
2.    Ahmed Sa’id Samatar
3.    Mohamed Farah Hersi
4.    Nimo Ahmed Abdi
5.    Ali Mohamud Seeko
6.    Abdirahman Mohamed Ali
7.    Mohamed Iise Heybe.
They were replaced by:
1.    Ismail Mohamed Ahmed
2.    Fardowsa Mataan Buule
3.    Ayanle Ahmed Abdulle
4.    Bashir Ahmed Yusuf
5.    Hassan Ahmed Dhihisow
6.    Ahmed Barre Mohamed
7.    Mohamed Awil Warsame


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