Somalia’s 3rd National Economic Policy Forum Opens in Mogadishu



Deputy Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Mahdi Mohamed Guled, has inaugurated the third National Economic Policy Forum in Mogadishu, on Saturday, December 7.

The forum was organized by the National Economic Council, which advises the government on economic matters based on extensive research and evidence, as well as providing advice and guidance to the government in preparing and implementing effective economic policies, and assisting in coordination domestic and foreign resources and implementation of national economic and financial plans.

The event is participated in over 150 guests including Somali Federal Government ministers, State ministers, members of Parliament, International partners and experts on Economy and Financial Policy fields, to engage and discuss economic policy reforms, and sustainable development.

Since the founding of the National Economic Council, it has held two previous forums on economic development in the country. Topics in the panel discussions in this two-day event will include Federalism, National resources, Finance and the Banking system in the country.

Somali Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Mahdi Mohamed Guled, spoke about his government’s vision in inclusive politics, Resource sharing, Economic reform progresses, anti-corruption strategy, implementation of anti-corruption law, and formation of the anti-corruption committee

The speakers in the forum lauded the importance of discussing policies that are going to set the pace for the future development for Somalia.

The National Economic Council, appointed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo on July 12, 2018, and launched by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre for the first time on August 11, 2018, and has since officially started its economic development activities in Somalia.


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