SL President says that Opposition wants the presidency by undermining Somaliland’s repuation


President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has sent his heartfelt condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives during a chaotic opposition protest. He also prayed for the quick recovery of those injured.
The head of state said this chaos was caused by the irresponsible opposition’s decision to flout the government directive of peaceful protest.
The president said that the people of Somaliland today showed that they were united for the greater good of the country.
He confirmed that the inciters of the violence the two opposition parties UCID and Wadani will be held responsible for the loss of lives and destruction of properties as a result of them going against the constitution to hold violent demonstrations.
President Bihi said “As you are all aware there were unwarranted deaths and injuries of civilians. This could not have happened had the opposition followed the government directive to hold a peaceful protest.”
The head of state stated that the former Waddani party leader Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro and Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe UCID chairman will be held responsible.
The president said “For the past 6 months the opposition parties have been planning to hold demonstrations. They even deliberately ignored the laws of the country for their own agenda.”
He revealed that they had informed the opposition not to demonstrate since the country is reeling from drought and the economic slowdown caused by Covid 19.
“Some of our people can afford only one meal a day, anyone with a rightful mind can gauge that it was not the right time to demonstrate.” Said the president.
The president said that the country is facing many challenges that need to be prioritized.
He said the opposition made a deliberate attempt to slate the demonstration on this day because they got wind that a large delegation of the international community was to visit the country.
“These two opposition leaders want the mantle of leadership by tarnishing the reputation of Somaliland. They want to give the impression that Somaliland is a chaotic country and spoil the peace.”
The president called it unfortunate that the opposition have no plan for Somaliland.
“UCID and WADANI’s hidden plan, which they don’t tell people, and which they are looking for war and violence? is, let’s not compete with the new political organizations that are registered according to the law! and also the two men of WADDANI are the ones who campaigned for the law and signed the political organization prior.”
President Musa Bihi Abdi confirmed that 95% of the population did not participate in their flawed protest.
The head of state thanked members of the public for maintaining peace and ignoring the opposition parties.
He confirmed that five people had lost their lives, three in Hargeisa, one in Bura and Erigavo respectively.
The president also revealed that more than 100 people were injured during the chaotic opposition demonstrations.
He said most of the injured were security personnel.
He vowed to hold responsible some rogue members of parliament who were inciting tribal animosity.
The president added that there will not be any demonstration till further notice and the government will deal with anyone who tries to hold demonstrations.


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