Radar scanner in position in Bosasso



As part of a larger EUCAP-Somalia project on maritime situational awareness, our mission facilitated the installation of a radar scanner on the communications mast of the Bosasso Port Maritime Police Unit (BP MPU) Headquarters.

Following the building of a support structure by a local Somali contractor, a team from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) installed the radar scanner – a sign of the effectiveness of the integrated approach by the international community working in Somalia.

The commander of the Bosasso Port Maritime Police, Col Hashi, defined the fitting of the radar scanner as “an important step forward” on the way towards maritime situational awareness, adding that he is looking forward to receiving training for his men in the best use of the equipment.

EUCAP Somalia donated the radar, a tool meant to enhance the BP MPU’s capability to observe maritime activity in the near waters of the Port in the future.



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