Quality Assurance Agency calms consumers in the wake of imported scandalous sugar



The national Quality Assurance Agency has calmed the members of the public by stating that they are investigating imported sugar whose dates of production has caused a lot of worrying concerns to the members of the public in the country.
The social media has over the past few days gone berserk with the circulation of photos of sugar imported into the country with clear writings on the gunny bags denoting that they were produced in the country of Brazil in the month of December this year hence was already in Somaliland.
People argued that it beats logic for the stuff to reach the country in the denoted time given the distance and calls of various ports anchored before its destination here in Somaliland.
The quality control officials appealed to the populaces to calm down and give them time to investigate the matter, following a lot of hues and cries from the consumers.
“Since the state is responsible for protecting the safety of various products entering and leaving the country, the agency is making it clear to the Somaliland community that it is investigating the issue related to the sugar scandal. That is why we are informing you to keep the agency informed such that it may fully undertake its duties”, said a statement from the watchdog body.


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