President Orders city council, lands department in streamlining congestion menace at city centre


H.E.  Muse thanked Djibouti & Kosovo Presidents, PM’s of UK & Ethiopia for their sympathy  

Ethiopia becomes first country to send delegations and aid to Somaliland 

THT-The President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has directed the streamlining of congestion menace at the city’s central business district following the largest ever fire blazes seen in the entire nation that razed to the ground the biggest market that had tens of hundreds of traders, the Waheen.

Fire-fighting brigades from Ethiopia and neighbouring regions swiftly arrived in Hargeisa to bolster the efforts of extinguishing the fires hence supplement on the Hargeisa fire-fighting department.

The Head of State who led the equally the biggest ever fire-fighting efforts by keeping vigil all night long as the fierce fires engulfed anything and everything along its path on the night of 1st/2nd April Friday/Saturday was in the same breath on the stand by yesterday, Saturday, morning to take stock of the situation as the efforts to control the blaze entered the second day.

He gave the orders to the city council and the lands department as he inspected the Hargeisa Central Market of WAAHEEN, which was engulfed by the flames hence convened an emergency meeting of the country’s major business community, the Chamber of Commerce and senior state officials focusing on how traders can help in the aftermath.

The President, accompanied by members of the Cabinet, various Army Commanders, and the leadership of the Hargeisa City Council, walked through the ruined buildings of the market along areas filled with smoke and debris.

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, and the Minister of Religion and Endowment Hon. Sheikh Abdirizak Hussein Ali (Albani), spoke at length about the scale of the tragedy and consoled the affected business fraternity, calling for immediate action on work together as a team to make a general relief emergency.

The Mayor of Hargeisa Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge and the Commander of the Fire-fighting Brigade, Brigadier General Mohamed Ahmed Sawahili also addressed the gathering terming the blaze at Waheen market a national catastrophe and noting the monumental tasks of rebuilding.

The President tentatively announced that the government had released a sum of one million dollars for the emergency and appointed a national committee to deal with the disaster.

“The Sheikh (R & E minister) is leading a massive rescue operation, and the government is releasing $ 1,000,000 (One Million) dollars to operate it,” said the President.

He called on the people of Somaliland to unite the rebuilding their capital, Hargeisa, and urged the members of the public to come to the aiding of those who were particularly affected by the fire and whose property was destroyed.

He ordered the local government and the Ministries of Land and Security to come up with a clear plan for Waheen and other areas within the city.

Furthermore, he added, “We have to unite and help our brothers and sisters as much as possible, and heed to directions thereof of task force committee”.

He ordered the line departments to make suitable plans for the market and other congested and narrow areas.

President HE Abdi thanked the leaders of Djibouti, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom, for their messages of support shared by the people of Somaliland.

He responded to Djibouti President’s message, “HE President Ismail O Guelleh, I thank you for the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood you have shown us. I would also like to thank you for your continued support.

On his response to the UK PM, President Abdi said, “Deeply grateful to UK PM Boris Johnson support at tragic time. Somaliland has no stronger friend than Great Britain. Hargeisa Fire destroyed central market and thousands of businesses, assessments of damage is ongoing, and will share with PM office and Foreign Minister to help rebuild lives and the market”.


Similarly, President Muse thanked the Ethiopian Prime Minister for his message of solace to Somaliland hence reciprocate it in a message written on his Twitter account which read; “Mr. Prime Minister, I thank you, the people and the government of Ethiopia for your kind and brotherly support during this difficult time. The people of the Republic of Somaliland will remember your support”.


The president received an Ethiopian delegation led by the Minister of Finance, Hon. Ahmed Shide and accompanied by Minister of Transport Hon. Dagmawit Moges, who has arrived in Hargeisa this yesterday afternoon to share with us the brotherly solidarity & support of their government. Thank you, Ethiopia.


Likewise, he stated, I would like to thank the brothers and sisters of the Somali Regional State for their support during the rescue operation in Hargeisa. Special thanks to President Mustapha M Omer for sending the first aid.

Both Ethiopian’s Federal and Somali Regional State delegation toured destroyed Wahen market.


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