President accepts traditional leaders’ proposal in addressing elections disputes



The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi announced yesterday that the government has accepted the proposal of the traditional leaders in the mediation of the Somaliland elections dispute.

A circular that came out on Wednesday from the Presidency and copied to the both Speakers of the Upper and lower Houses of the parliament and the National Electoral Commission, asked the institutions to integrate the proposals through legal amendments to make them bona-fide as per constitutional required tenets.

“We are informing you that the government has accepted the proposal of the Traditional Elders of Mediation, taking into account the general consultation on the general situation of the country”, said the statement.

It continued, “In order for the elections to be effective, we are asking the House of Parliament (Senate and Representatives) to legally integrate the proposals of the Elders with the Laws and the Electoral Code of the country.”

The decree of acceptance of the proposals by the President practically ends the public’s concern about the conflicts that shrouded the elections hence calms tension in different parts of the country.


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