Postponement of Parliamentary & Local Elections Is Unacceptable



The Somaliland National Elections Commission (NEC) has no justification whatsoever in postponing the upcoming parliamentary and local elections scheduled for March 2019. These elections has already been postponed and the current parliament which has sat for more a decade has no mandate to keep sitting.
There is no reason to postpone these elections. The NEC has had more than one year since the last presidential elections to get ready. They have been given funds and technical resources.
Unless, the members of the NEC wish to continue to earn their salary and continue to try and enrich themselves, then they have no other reason for any postponement.
There is no drought to be used as an excuse. The issues in Sool can and will be resolved. So, what other reason is there for any postponement?
If the NEC postpones the forthcoming elections, then they should be disbanded and a new commission elected. Somalilanders are sick and tired of delays and attempts to stifle the democratic process.
One would imagine, a commission already stained with a failure to conduct a presidential contest that was free from ambiguity and accusations of malfeasance cannot afford to bring more doubts upon itself.
There are countless talented Somalilanders willing and able to do the work of the a new commission. No more delays. Hold elections and may be best platform prevail.
Allaa Mahad Leh
Ahmed Kheyre


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