Police Officer dismissed after being Caught in Tape Beating A woman in Hargeisa


Somaliland’s police have dismissed an officer caught in tape beating up a young woman in Hargeisa.

In a short statement on Facebook, the police announced that Sergeant Mahad Abdi Ismaan was suspended immediately for his assault on the woman.

The police command did not announce further actions against the officer.

On Monday morning a sixteen seconds video of a police officer slapping and choking a woman went viral on social media.  It attracted widespread condemnation from people across all walks of life in Somaliland.

Some people outraged by the apparent brutality called for the trial of the officer.

The swift reaction from the police will add to the soaring popularity of the police commissioner Brigadier General Mohamed Aadan Saqadhi. The police commissioner has so far been praised for initiating a much-needed reform since taking the helm at the end of last year.


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