PM, Abiy Ahmed to Confer with Ethiopia’s Somali State delegates


ADDIS ABABA–Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed is due to have discussions with 1000 delegates from Ethiopia’s Somali State.

The meeting is due to take place in Addis Ababa on Friday. 700 of the delegates are already in the capital of Ethiopia. The delegates were gathered from All regions in Somali State but were excluded members of Somali ruling party that are in power.

PM Abiy is expected to deliver a speech to the attendees focusing on the reforms that he is spearheading and the unrest that engulfed the region in the past couple of weeks. The turmoil that hit the Somali region in Ethiopia led to the ousting of Abdi Iley who is facing accusations of crimes against humanity and gross violations of acts against human rights. An interim leader by the name of Hon. Mustafe Mohamud Omar has been elected yesterday to be the incumbent president. There is an uphill battle that the new president is about to embark in order to rebuild the shattered state. The task ahead of him is also to unite a region divided by years of hostility and animosity spearheaded by deposed leader, Abdi Iley.




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