Opposition Wadani party demands the resignation of national health committee against Covid-19


The spokesman of Wadani party, Barkhad Batun, yesterday called President Bihi to dismiss the National coronavirus Response Committee. In a press conference, he alleged that the committee has failed in its response to Covid-19 pandemic. He stated that the committee works has become all about an enforced measures and decisions. He said: ” On behalf of the people of Somaliland, we are telling the president loud and clear, Mr. President, the committee you have appointed has failed. This committee has refused to account with the Auditor General where they have spent their funds and there is widespread corruption in their work. This committee continues to say that we have 5 million dollars and there is invisible work done. Mr. President, act before the situation gets worse. What is hurting us is the citizens life lost in vain. Life and death is in the almighty’s hands but you are responsible since you are in charge. This is unacceptable legally or morally. You have to take action to dismiss this committee and appoint another committee that is of considerate to the people.” Barkhad further accused the committee of corruption and failure to account for the funds allocated to Covid-19 committee. He urged them to tender resignations and leave their responsibilities. Barkhad said: “The committee has failed. To the committee, I say resign. Corruption and this drama you are acting is not acceptable anymore.” Barkhad’s remarks came at a time when coronavirus cases keep on the spike in Somaliland.





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