Minister of information suspended the funding of Hargeisa University of Faculty of Journalism



The commitment of media development within the efforts to build the knowledge of the journalists, SOLJA established the faculty of journalism with the collaboration of the British Embassy for laying the foundation of the faculty and has been operating for the last four years offering Somaliland both degree and diploma classes.

The government allocated to subsidy funding to the faculty and the parliament approved, the chairman of SOLJA shown his worrisome feeling from the journalism scholarship to journalists which is close to be closed after the ministry of information suspended SOLJA’s funding through the faculty. SOLJA calls the president of Somaliland and the minister of the finance to interfere this denial of the minister of the information and national awareness for suspending this assistance.


Somaliland Journalists Association

Hargeisa Main Office


Sha’ab Area Behind Ex-UNICEF Office or Mount Kenya University


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