Jubaland demands from the SFG to explain the whereabouts of its security minister


MOGADISHU–Jubaland government has demanded from the Federal Government of Somalia to explain the whereabouts of its security minister, Abdirashid Janan, following claims that he escaped from custody on Tuesday.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ahmed Madobe administration, said the remarks by the Deputy Police Commissioner, General, Sakia Hussein, regarding Janan escape was worrying and that gov’t appeared to be hiding something. General Sakia Hussein issued a statement on Wednesday notifying the public of Janan’s escape from custody in Mogadishu.

“Anyone with information about him to forward to the police.” Said Sakia Hussein

But Jubaland appeared to dismiss the police version of event, noting Janan was between life and death.

The southern state of Somalia pointed fingers at the Federal Gov’t of Somalia for keeping Janan in custody for five months without any charges.

Janan was arrested in September last year in Mogadishu during an official trip out of the country.

Amnesty Int’l lauded Janan’s arrest and called for his persecution.

Jubaland said the SFG was responsible for Janan’s safety since he was under its custody.



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