Former president of Somali Regional State in Ethiopia arrested by Military


JIGJIGA– Ethiopian Military arrested the former ousted president of troubled Somali regional State in Ethiopia, Abdi Mohamud Omar a.k.a. Abdi Iley on Tuesday. Witnesses and some of Jigjiga residents, the seat of Somali regional state confirm the custody of deposed leader who was in hiding after violence and unrest engulfed the major townships in the state. Ethiopian military took him to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia after subsequently detaining him. The arrested leader stepped down yesterday after he was in power for eight years in the helm. Hon. Ahmed Abdi Mohamed was appointed to replace ex-leader who was removed from the presidency.



  1. The so-called Somaliland can not be a viable state unless it becomes a begging basket. I hope your warlords in Hargeisa can be brave enough to acknowledge that EU and United Nations allocate their donations and earmark as to North west region, Togdheer, Sanaaag regions.. never mind what your warlords evade to the ears of your innocent people. Find out the facts and dare you inform the public.


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