First Batch of Emergency Medical Supplies Donated by the UAE Arrive in Somaliland


The first batch of emergency medical supplies aimed at fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Somaliland.

Today Somaliland has received the UAE cargo plane with tons of humanitarian medical supplies to help Somaliland government towards containing the deadly spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The plane carrying the medical aid landed at Egal airport as UAE is a major ally with Somaliland.

UAE continues to support Somaliland during it is time of need and difficulties.

Ministers who showed up at Egal airport in order to accept the generous donation from UAE government have reiterated that despite the pandemic, that world countries are struggling to extend a helping hand to other countries let alone allow its citizens to leave their homelands.

The ministers of health, finance, and religious endowment have thanked the UAE for the assistance.


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