EUCAP adviser embedded in Somaliland Coast Guard HQ


EUCAP’s Field Office Hargeisa Senior Maritime Adviser has started to work bi-weekly embedded in the Operations Room / Command Centre of the Somaliland Coast Guard (SL CG) headquarters in Hargeisa on Sunday 29th August.

“Already after his first days working in our Operation Room, Mr. Claus had shared a lot from his experience in office management, operations and the international protocols. For instance, Mr. Claus supported us to create a template for the ships that are entering our territorial waters. We are very happy with Mr. Claus’ contribution and he is welcomed to continue his work with us”, says the head of Operations Department, Captain Abdiqani Kaise.

The purpose of EUCAP adviser being embedded to the headquarters is to ensure continuous availability and support for the SL CG management and the staff in the Operation Room, to get a better understanding of procedures and delegation of tasks, to assist creation of functional structures, templates for procedures and standard operating procedures. EUCAP adviser will also provide trainings aiming to develop coast guard team management and operational skills.

“For now, we are building relations and I started to learn how the Operations Room work and will look into their technical support needs. In the Danish Police, I have been an Operations Room Commander since 2012 and I hope my experience in this field will be helpful in the review of the structures and procedures currently in place in the Somaliland Coast Guard”, says EUCAP Senior Coast Guard Adviser Claus Skovgaard.

Embedding an advisor to the Somaliland Coast Guard is part of EUCAP’s capacity-building support to the SL CG. Read more about the intensive development programme EUCAP has started with Somaliland Coast Guard.


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