Energy Ministry orders Power companies to lower electricity prices


The Press Statement released by the office of the Minister of Energy and Minerals read as follows:-

The Ministry of Energy & Minerals of the Republic of Somaliland is responsible for designing, guiding and implementing the national goal of Energy, Minerals, and Petroleum, through the implementation of policies, strategies, and projects that facilitate the effective utilization of these resources, in collaboration with the various branches of government, business sector, society, and other stakeholders.

The Ministry of Energy & Minerals strives to attain the national goal of electricity generation and improving the provision of cheap power supply in quantity and quality through the promotion of alternative energy paths that kindle sustained socio-economic growth rates and improved well-being of all Somaliland citizens in form of increased availability and reliability of affordable electricity supply.

Therefore, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources responding to the complaints of the Somaliland Citizens concerning high electricity cost charged by power supplies and after putting into consideration the hard times the nation is currently facing and the economic effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected all segments of the society and the low global oil price.

The failure by some power supply companies to comply with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals directive to lower the high prices.

The Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Minerals has sent a ministerial directive in which it orders the following companies SEPCO (Erigaabo), Aloog (Borama), Telesom (Borama) and Sool Power (Las Anod), to lower prices for customers and citizens in these areas with immediate effect.

This ministerial directive is meant to assure the public that the Ministry of Energy and Minerals is committed to fulfilling its obligations to its commitment to address the concerns of Somaliland Citizens and at the same safeguards the rights of electricity companies. Together we can achieve our national goals of electricity generation, and improving the provision of cheap, clean, and affordable power supply.


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