Donating IT equipment – the first step to support police training in Mogadishu


As the first step in co-operation aiming to develop capacities of the Mogadishu Police Academy, EUCAP Somalia donated a series of IT equipment to Somali Police Force (SPF) Training and Planning Directorate. EUCAP’s Police Advisory Unit invited the Deputy Head of SPF Training and Planning Directorate, Brigadier General Mohamad Mahamud Mohamad to the EUCAP HQ for a handover ceremony of those much-needed equipment.

As a part of a multi-layer capacity building project, the donation included laptops, a beamer, and a desktop with a monitor and a multi-functional printer among others.

Donating IT equipment was the first step and part of wider plans to support and develop the SPF national training center, the Mogadishu Police Academy, its police trainers and educational functions. The next step together with Somali police colleagues at the Academy will be to identify gaps on “hardware” like furniture, office equipment and on “software” like training curricula and database.

“Our assignment is to assess the most urgent needs of the police trainers and, in close cooperation with them, to set up priorities for further development”, said EUCAP Somalia’s Senior Police Adviser, Bence Balassa.

“Higher education for police officers can be considered as a key element of Security Sector reform and this project, as a part of EUCAP’s support to SPF, is an important step on that path we are walking with our Somali partners”, said Chief of EUCAP’s Police Advisory Unit, Jan Swaan.




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