CPR can save lives of people rescued at sea or in the office environment: Short training module held in Garowe




The ability to read through and understand maritime safety and security related information can save lives at sea. It is also a tool for ensuring rule of law in the maritime domain.

This is why EUCAP Somalia Mission promoted the creation of the Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Centre (JMICC) in Garowe, a new organisation meant to assist the Puntland Government and institutions to improve effective Maritime Governance trough the analysis of data coming from reporting stations along the Puntland coastline. The subsequent advice to the Government generates recommended “response options”, in compliance with Somali and International Law.


Our Mission has been training the JMICC personnel since 2017. Within this framework, a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course was organised in Garowe on 3 August. The EUCAP Somalia Nurse from the Field Office Garowe delivered it.


The 10 participants from the JMICC in Garowe, including three women, were very interactive during the course. Some had heard about CPR before, but never practised it. All seemed keen to learn more about what to do and what not to in circumstances where CPR should be applied and asked questions such as “what if the person has injuries?”, “how about CPR on babies?”. All the participants practiced CPR on a dummy and on how to get a person in a stable recovery position.


Besides the analysis of information, the JMICC has developed specific Somali-relevant scenarios such as the detention of fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing activity, what to do when/if there is an accident at sea with the lives of seafarers at risk, or a risk of environmental pollution that can seriously affect the livelihood of the coastal fishing communities.



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