contribution from American Muslims will be soon announced


Scholars, businessmen, the Somaliland community, the Somalis and the Muslim community in the United States have responded positively to the call by President JSL Md. Muse Bihi Abdi and the National relief and Support Committee to the world and the Somaliland Diaspora around the world.

Fundraising efforts to help traders whose property was destroyed in the Waheen market fire, initiated by the Somaliland community in the days following the fire blaze were said to have been organized by Abdirahman Kahin, one of the community’s leading businessman in the United States, especially in Minnesota, such as AFRODENI, as told to THT’s  Mohamoud Walaaleeye by Iman Sheikh Sa’ad Muse Sh Isaac.

In the interview with the Iman Sheikh Sa’ad Muse Sh Ishaq on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, when asked about his officialdom, replied, “I am the Imam of Minnesota presently”.

After the collapse of the Twin towers 9/11 in the United States, he founded the World Peace Organization, which aims to work for peace in the United States, and for the Somali community and Muslims in the United States and the general public to work together. He was also, the cleric who recited the Koran at the White House during President Obama’s inauguration.

Asked about the efforts of the Somali community, particularly Somalilanders in Minnesota, in support of the traders who lost their property in the Wahen market fire, Sheikh Sa’ad said, “we have collected enough funds, and will be announced in the near future before transferring to the accounts earmarked by the National Commission”.

Sheikh Sa’ad said the initial efforts has been made by Abdirahman Kahin, a prominent businessman in the Somaliland community in Minnesota, such as AFRODENI, and supported the initiative by the scholars, businessmen, the Somaliland community, Somalis, and Muslims in the United States at large.


He said they held Iftar events for Somalis in Minnesota, as well as requested to be raised donations from all mosques heads by Somali-Americans in the United States, and all donations were saved by HARRO, an organisation chaired by Sheikh Ali Haji.

In addition, Hope & Dev. Org. headed by Abdiwahab Abi, is running a fundraising campaign, which will transfer their donations to Harro, Sh Sa’ad added.

When asked about the contributions so far they have collected, Sh Saad replied, “Thank God, it is a big contribution, but the amount will be known to the public, upon transferring to the earmarked accounts of the National relief Commission, but, I can inform you, it is over one million Dollars.

When asked about the process of raising funds, Sh. Sa’ad said, there is a fundraising committee consisting of scholars, businessmen, the Somaliland community in Minnesota chaired by Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Shiine, all acted as a team with fundraisers, and working closely with other Somalis and American Muslims, who all stood up to help their brothers who lost their businesses in the burnt Waheen market.

Iman Sheikh Sa’ad Muse Sh Ishaq, who was asked if he would like to send a message to the Somaliland community, the government and the National releif and Support Committee, said he was very grateful to God SW for making it possible “for us to support our brothers and sisters, and applaud the government, and the President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse, Vice President H.E. Sayli’i, the National Assemblies, Parliament & Constituencies, and the Republic of Somaliland public, as they united to support by their brothers and sisters whose property was destroyed in the fire in Waheen market”.

Sheikh Sa’ad urged them to maintain the peace and stability of God has give them their land, thus, a matter deserved to thank Allah.

He also thanked all those who have contributed to the financial support to their brothers and sisters, and asked God to reward them and increase their good deeds in the hereafter, by His will.


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