Commander of presidential guard arrested after the failed coup


The Commander of Somalia’s Presidential guards has been put under arrest after he deployed troops to seize the PM’s office.

Gov’t officials described the move as a failed coup attempt staged by the president.

Somalia’s army chief Odowa Yusuf Rage sacked Hassan Aden Dhi’is before ordering his detention for taking instructions from embattled President Farmajo to carry out the military takeover of the PM’s office.

The President had accused Roble of stealing public land belonging to the coast guard hours earlier.

Colonel Ahmed Gelle has been appointed as the new presidential guard commander, a day after power struggle between Somalia’s most powerful leaders reached new heights.

Somalia’s defense minister, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur appealed the defense forces to support ongoing manhunt operations aimed at arresting the ringleaders of the coup and urged them to take orders from the PM.


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