Abi Ahmed Fails to Mediate Somaliland and Somalia



According to the reporter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s prime minister’s attempt to mediate between Somaliland and Somalia has failed.

The reporter, who wrote yesterday about the arms provided by the Egyptian government to the Somali government, cites Abye Ahmed’s discussions between Somaliland and Somalia that the newspaper has failed and the two sides refuse to see each other directly. .

He first quoted security sources and quoted them as saying that the weapons were a threat to the security of the region, which has already been burdened with insecurity. He spoke about Somaliland’s Defense Minister Abdiqani Aateye in a tweet condemning these weapons.

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry also declined to comment on Ethiopia’s view of the weapons, but sources said the Ethiopian government had to re-evaluate relations with some of the neighboring countries, which the newspaper did not name.

The paper, focusing on Abiye Ahmed’s efforts to approach Somaliland and Somalia, concludes his report, “In recent months, Somalia and Somaliland have exchanged hot talk, and Abye Ahmed’s mediation has failed, with both sides refusing to direct. of themselves. ” According to the reporter in Addis Ababa.

Egypt and Ethiopia have been deeply disturbed by the dam that Ethiopia built and wants to fill this month, which Egypt sees as a threat to the lives of its citizens on the Nile, and the two countries are embarking on diplomatic efforts. Violence against one another, and some reports indicate it appears to be a war preparatory exercise.


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